Terms and Condition

The Krykia Terms and Conditions is a document containing the basic provisions that govern the use of the platform’s services. They are available for familiarisation to absolutely every user. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to review T&C, privacy policy and disclaimer before registering on the site.


Participation in the gambling activities on the Krykia website is at the risk of the users themselves. 

Krykia isn’t responsible for external websites and disclaims liability for their content or actions. It’s also not liable for damages or losses resulting from the website’s operation, including interruptions or errors. 

In case of discrepancies, the Company’s records determine gaming results.

By using Krykia services the user indemnifies the Company against any claims or expenses. It’s not guaranteed that the services will meet user’s expectations or that the information provided is final.

Using the website

The Krykia platform provides its services only to adults. In case this requirement is not fulfilled, the company has the right to:

  • Block the profile;
  • Report this fact to the relevant authorities.

It is important to note that by clicking on the “JOIN AND REGISTER” button, the user agrees to all terms and conditions of the platform.


The platform may update the terms and conditions without prior notification of users. The amended document comes into force from the moment of its publication. The obligation of checking the T&C lies with the users. The Company reserves the right to modify or remove services without liability.

Intellectual property

The information, materials and data (statistics, odds, etc.) presented on the official website of the company constitute its intellectual property and belong only to it and its licensors. 

It is prohibited to copy, modify, distribute and sell the company’s intellectual property without the consent of the platform. Software, services and information presented on the site are protected by copyright. Users aren’t allowed to install the software onto a server of any other devices, rent it, lease it, copy and transfer it to third parties.

Conditions of use

It is the Krykia user’s responsibility to understand the following terms and conditions platform utilisation:

  • The user must be of legal age and capacity and act solely on his/her own behalf;
  • The user is not a gambler;
  • User understands the risk of loss of funds;
  • The funds used by the User are legally obtained;
  • The security of data such as username, account number and password is the responsibility of the user;
  • It is not allowed to use the profile of one player by other persons, including for the purpose of money laundering and other criminal purposes.

All actions made from the game account are the responsibility of its owner.

Registration and membership 

For full access to the platform you need to pass the membership registration procedure. All information provided must be true, up-to-date and complete. One user can only have one account.

Krykia guarantees the safety of its users’ data. Note that the company reserves the right to disclose necessary financial info to payment settlement service providers and financial institutions in order to complete payments. Other disclosure of user data is possible only if required by law.

The platform may also request personal documents for verification of a user’s membership application.

Placement of bets

Krykia accepts bets in accordance with the platform’s Terms and Conditions of Use and Betting Rules applicable to each event or game. At the same time, the company reserves the right to refuse to accept wagers for any reason.

All bets must be placed via online services. Other methods (post, email, fax and so on) are not valid. It is not allowed to place bets after the start of an event, when the outcome is already known, or on the same event at the same time. Odds, lines and handicaps may fluctuate.

The player is responsible for all actions that were performed using their credentials. A gaming profile is terminated for violating the rules of the platform. The same happens when using artificial intelligence and bots when placing bets. All winnings become invalid.

Promotions. Irregular play and Promotional abuse

Bonuses and promotions are subject to T&C. Krykia reserves a right to suspend, modify or cancel them without notice. The validity period of bonuses is 30 days unless stated otherwise.

Non-live table games don’t count towards turnover unless specifically stated. Only ¼ of roulette bets count. Effective turnover counts only steeled bets with win or loss results.

The platform can review transaction records and logs at any time. In case of promotional abuse or irregular play, Krykia team may refuse bonuses, revoke winnings, terminate access to the website or block the account. Note that the platform isn’t obliged to refund any money except for the original deposit.

Irregular play includes:

  • Equal or low margin bets;
  • Delayed winnings;
  • Game state abuse;
  • Leaving large bets on the table after bonus wagering.

Promotional abuse includes:

  • Cooperating with other players for fraud;
  • Depositing and immediately withdrawing to exploit promotions;
  • Taking advantage of software bugs and errors.

Abusing promotions may result in user block or removal from the promotion. Each user may only have one profile. Accordingly, if it is discovered that multiple accounts exist and are used, all bonuses and winnings will be cancelled.


Users are responsible for any loss, damage or claim (including legal fees) resulting from any violation of the Terms and Conditions and/or Betting rules. This includes indemnifying and holding the Krykia company, its employees, offices, licensees, affiliates, distributors, directors, and agents harmless.

Cancellation, termination and suspension of user account

Krykia can void winnings, freeze account balance or even disable the whole profile in the following circumstances:

  • Having multiple active accounts;
  • Mismatched names of payment account and gaming profile;
  • Withdrawing funds before meeting promotion requirements;
  • Providing incorrect registration info;
  • Failure to provide requested identification;
  • Underage participation;
  • Accessing the Krykia services from prohibited jurisdictions;
  • Refusing transactions or deposits;
  • Cheating, using AI systems;
  • Performing promotional abuse;
  • Allowing someone else to use the account;
  • Non-compliance with T&C.

Services will only resume after necessary rectification if suspended. The Company has the authority over account issuance, maintenance, and closure. Decisions in regards to gaming profile management are final and not open to review or appeal.


External website links are provided for convenience only. The company doesn’t guarantee their contents are accurate or maintained. Moreover, Krykia isn’t responsible for the privacy policies of such websites. The company isn’t liable for any loss or damages connected to the usage of third-party links. Lastly, the platform isn’t associated with statements, opinions, trademarks, services and products of such websites.


The Company has the right to take action for any violation of Terms and Conditions, including refusing access to the services and terminating accounts at its discretion.

Users agree to indemnify the Company and its affiliates against claims, liabilities, and expenses arising from the breach of the T&C, violations on any laws and usage of services or the site by people with others’ log in data.